The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG

The Toygarden

Lost In the Garden

While the constructs, themselves, are not displayed in the gallery, the positions they place the user into are shown. The machines are primarily brass and leather, with other metals where necessary. No iron or silver has been used in any of them.

It should be assumed that all the constructs are equipped with a steam engine that will accomodate up to two pistons, and controls for the pistons. Pistons are equipped with lube conduits, should the need arise, and those can be attached to the bases of the cherub statues nearby. All constructs have an emergency release near the left hand, that will first stop and disengage any pistons in use, and after ten seconds, release the restraints. Should you run out of steam, please see a staff member about re-filling the coal and water.

Each piston's control box has the following controls:
Dial - Depth: Measured in inches, it can accomodate anything from 1" to 24".
Dial - Speed: This can be adjusted from one thrust every ten seconds to two per second.
Dial - Twist: The farther you twist this dial, the more the piston's attachment will rotate, on each thrust. It can be set from 0 to 180 degrees.
Dial - Vibrate: This can be set to Sine: Slow, Sine: Fast, Constant, Triangle, and Square. Each of these designate the waveform the rise and fall of the vibration will follow.
Dial - Volume: This dial controls the volume of lubrication being pumped through the conduit.
Switch - Engage/Disengage: Once the piston is aligned, this will start or stop the machine.
Switch - Lubricate: This engages the lube pump, if the conduit is linked to one of the statues.
Button - Grind: This does exactly as it says on the box.