The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Keeping Tabs

A tab in the green means that we are holding the patron's money. A tab in the red means they owe us. Tabs can be opened in the positive (green) or the negative (red) by selecting the correct option on the form. If a person with an open tab provides more money, add it. If they spend money, subtract it.

You do not have permission.

Current Tabs

A Postumius Merula3gp 3sp 8cp
Alex Glass47gp 8sp
Alex Talbot
Antyla38gp 6sp 7cp
Daniel St.James-8sp
Desire Endless1gp 7cp
Isaac Kline
Katarina Boulevarde1gp 1sp 7cp
Kerrith19gp 7sp 5cp
Morning-star5sp 3cp
Sinai181gp 2sp 7cp