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A brief introduction to glassware used in the bar. Please keep in mind that not all glasses are intended to be filled to the top, and that many mixed drinks contain non-alcoholic mixers. Hot drinks are served either in tankards or teacups. If you are unsure what glass to use for a particular drink, Wikipedia can usually answer that question.





Champagne Coupe260mlChampagne, daiquiris, vespers
Champagne Flute180mlChampagne
Cocktail Glass133mlMartinis, gibsons, and a variety of other cocktails
Cordial Glass60mlLiqueurs and cordials
Collins Glass410mlCollins-style cocktails, mint juleps, mojitos
Highball350mlWater, juice, soda, and mixed drinks in which the mixer far outweighs the liquor
Lowball180mlLiquor on the rocks, milk
Pilsner Glass400mlLight beer
Pint Glass568mlBeer
Sherry Glass120mlSherry, port, aperitifs, liqueurs, and layered shooters
Shot Glass30mlLiquor, very small mixed drinks (shooters)
Snifter180mlBrandy, whiskey, imperial stout, barleywine
Tankard500mlBeer, coffee, cocoa
Wheat Beer Glass500mlFoamy beers
Wine Glass, Red270mlRed wine
Wine Glass, White240mlWhite wine