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What the Fuck Did I Drink?

The simplest measure of alcohol in a drink is percentage alcohol by volume, and the most common drinks are listed below. The 'standard drink' is a fairly useless measure that varies broadly across the globe, and has no relation to actual drink sizes in most countries. However, we do calculate 'standard drinks' based on a global arithmetic mean of 14ml of alcohol per drink, meaning that, in some cases, your 'one drink' may be several drinks worth of alcohol. The table below and the accompanying calculator should provide a decent guideline for whether or not your character is drunk, if you, the player, don't do enough drinking to judge.

Volume per Drink

Percent alcohol: Serving: # Drinks:

Drink Min % Max %


Min %

Max %

Alcopops / Wine Coolers4.017.5
Beer, IPA6.07.0
Beer, Lager4.05.0
Beer, Low-alcohol0.01.2
Beer, Pilsner3.06.0
Beer, Porter4.05.0
Beer, Small2.04.0
Beer, Stout5.010.0
Beer, Strong / Barleywine8.012.0
Liquors, Average35.050.0
Liquors, Cask-strength55.070.0
Liquors, Light15.025.0
Neutral Grain Spirits / Everclea85.095.0
Sake / Rice Wine15.020.0
Tequila / Mezcal32.060.0
Wine, Dessert14.025.0
Wine, Fortified / Sherry / Port15.522.0

Blood Alcohol Tables

DrinksBody Weight in Pounds
Subtract .01% for each 40 minutes of drinking.
Subtract 1 drink for every hour spent not drinking, afterward.

DrinksBody Weight in Pounds
Subtract .01% for each 40 minutes of drinking.
Subtract 1 drink for every hour spent not drinking, afterward.

BACProbable Effects
.02%Lightheaded: Faint relaxation. Mild amplification of mood. Slight feelings of detachment.
.05%Buzzed: Sensations of warmth and relaxation. Moods may be amplified. May become louder or more extroverted. Likely to become somewhat tactless, beyond this point.
.08%Tipsy: The point of legal impairment, in many places. Speech may be slurred. Balance and motor skills begin to become impaired. Perception impaired: more difficult to see the obvious, hear someone calling. Unfortunate, but not significantly dangerous, choices become more likely.
.11%Drunk: Balance and motor skills moderately impaired. Memory may become faulty. Judgement likely sufficiently impaired to allow actively bad choices. Too drunk to fuck starts here.
.16%Trashed: Mood swings likely. Difficulty with basic actions, like talking, walking, and standing. Substantial increase in chance of injury due to clumsiness. Nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision are likely; blackout is possible.
.20%Bedafted: May need help to stand or walk. Sense of pain is impaired. Nausea and vomiting common, and gag reflex is impaired, so choking on vomit becomes much more likely.
.30%Alcohol Poisoning: Likely to black out, and may be difficult to wake. Possible to die of toxicity, or choking on or inhaling vomit.
.35%System Halt: Effectively impossible to feel pain. Can no longer respond to input at all. Consciousness extremely unlikely. Breathing may stop.
.40%Comatose: Extended coma nearly unavoidable. Nerves significantly unresponsive, causing extremely slowed breathing and heartbeat. Death very likely.