The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


    RP Style

    We don't give a rats about stats or powers or broken furniture. We do, however, expect that you will stay IC, for the most part. A little bit of ((sorry, got dropped.)) or ((hey, what's the button for ...?)) is absolutely acceptable, but more than a line or two is going to get you some stern looks. If you wish to have an extended OOC conversation, please take it to the OOC room, which is linked in the IC room description.

    We decline to have a minimum post length. Sometimes, all you have to contribute is a single sentence or a manic cackle -- just like in real life. We do insist that you at least attempt to adhere to basic rules of grammar and spelling within the language and/or accent you're using, and that you avoid 1337, txtspk, and LOLCAT. Ok, no, we'll let you get away with a line or two of LOLCAT, if it's well-timed and funny, but if more than about 10% of what you say looks like that, you're looking at an ejection. Also, do not post links in the inn. If you need to link someone to the rules or other relevant setting information, please do so in PM.


    When speaking to other characters, surround the words you're saying with quotation marks. If the spoken text is followed by an attribution -- 'he says', 'she laughs', 'it drones' -- end your spoken text with a comma (unless it's a question), and keep the attribution lowercase. If an action that does not generate those words follows, end with the usual punctuation, and follow with a capital letter and a new sentence.
    Good: "Hello, Marty," he says.
    Good: "I'd like a pint of the nutbrown ale." He nods and sits down on a barstool.

    When speaking to other players, surround the words with double parentheses, to mark them as OOC.
    Good: ((Hey, is your character wearing a kilt or trousers?))


    When performing an IC action, before or instead of speaking, use the /me command. The verb following /me should be lowercase, because it will end up in the middle of a sentence.
    Good: [Frost types] /me grins and lifts Yaz's kilt.
    [people see] *Frostburn grins and lifts Yaz's kilt.

    If you wish to open with an action involving a possession or part of your character, /me 's can be used. Note the space. Although Hexxy's working on that, it's not confirmed fixed, yet.
    Ex.: [Ice types] /me 's eyes gleam, and he smirks.
    [people see] *Icefeather's eyes gleam, and he smirks.


    There are several schools of writing for RP, and each suggests a different tense and perspective. However, we prefer that you use the present tense, third person, in actions.
    Good: /me looks terribly smug, behind his cup of tea. "Is that so?" he asks Frost, with a small smirk. "I'm thinking that's not the wisest of things t'be doing."

    Please do NOT use the past tense or conditional statements to perform actions.
    Past tense ex.: /me laughed and took a hefty swig of his pint.
    Conditional ex.: /me would shake his head at the idiots down the bar.

    Please do not act in the first person (I, me), or involve others as the second person (you). '[Character] takes my pint' looks like you, the player, are accusing your character of stealing your drink, and there are generally enough characters in the room that 'you' is extremely ambiguous. All actions should be third person, and others may be referred to by name or pronoun.
    Good: /me holds his knife to Frost's throat.
    Bad: /me holds my knife to Frost's throat.
    Bad: /me holds his knife to your throat.
    Worst: /me holds my knife to your throat.

    It's also wise to break up important actions that other players may not be expecting, in order to give their characters time to react. Do not, unless granted permission by the other player, act or speak for someone else's character.
    Bad: /me pours kerosene on Ice and sets him on fire, laughing as he rolls around on the ground, screaming.
    Good: /me sloshes kerosene over Ice, from behind, and takes out a box of matches.

    If you find that you would like more assistance improving your writing skills, whether in RP or just in general, please take a look at Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, specifically, the sections on Grammar, Mechanics, and Punctuation. While these helpful documents are primarily intended for writers of American English, most of the points made are equally applicable in other regional forms of the language.