The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


    The Basics

    Your Character

    • Fill out your profile, not just your kinks. We reserve the right to kick characters with non-descriptive or no profile text.
    • If your profile indicates anywhere on it that your character is the same as/similar to/based on/should be treated as you, the player, your character is not welcome in this setting. We maintain a strong and definite distinction between player and character, and we expect you to do the same.
    • The inn is a continuous canon setting. Do not retcon scenes you have played in the inn, unless all the players involved in the scene agree, or a moderator has requested it because of setting violations.


    For a more complete view of the Inn's opinion on kinks, see The Snowed Inn, on F-List. If you choose to party, here, we advise you to be comfortable being in a room with:

    • yiff
    • moderate to heavy B&D
    • a variety of casually implemented uses for fists
    • expletives
    • supernatural creatures
    • alternatives to heterosexual monogamy between equals
    • alcohol and drug use
    • and thick accents

    (And that's just stuff that happens on a regular basis.)

    We do NOT allow:

    • functional technological artefacts postdating 1900
    • ageplay of any sort
    • characters under 16
    • birth scenes
    • scat kinks
    • or vomit kinks

    (Barfing on the floor because you're drunk is a-ok!)