The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


    Harassment and Douchebaggery

    It's a no-no. Seriously. We don't mind if your character has a tragic past, and all that, but do not let your issues with other players or their characters interfere with other people's enjoyment of the inn. See also 'IC Rules', above, for how to not get tossed out on your ass for completely IC actions.

    If you have a serious concern about harassment or someone else's behaviour toward you or other players in the room, please contact Icefeather or Frostburn, and be prepared to produce logs, so we can ban them from the room without remorse. Creepy feelings with no evidence, however, will be duly noted and filed for future reference, although no action will be taken until the accused does something, pardon our Saxon, actually fucked up. And, as always, please please please make use of the 'Report' button, if someone's really starting shit with you, especially if it's in PMs. That's what it's there for, and it's way over our heads. If you've got any questions about what's allowed in here, see the F-Chat Rules and these rules, specifically #2 and #3, above.

    If you have done something we consider 'actually fucked up', we're definitely going to kick you. If you keep doing fucked up things, we'll ban you. Please use these rules and your own common sense as a guideline to prevent such occurrences.