The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG



    While we do not require IC consent for all things, we do require OOC consent for anything that involves another person's character. In other words, you can swing at the character, but you cannot automatically hit them, and if the player tells you they are uncomfortable with the scene, you must stop your current line of action. If you cannot think of a way for your character to gracefully exit a scene, you may make an OOC request to be thrown out of the inn. If we see you violating the consent rule, we will throw you out of the inn, anyway.

    The owners reserve the right to godmode while kickbanning, and to retcon violations of the rules and/or setting that would dramatically lessen the ability of other players to enjoy the setting. In other words, if you drop a nuclear warhead on the inn, we're going to kickban you and pretend it never happened.

    Drama can be good. Problems with no easy solution are an excellent source of plot. Please do not invent godlike powers for your character and use them to piss all over someone else's plot, whether by godmoding a solution or making an offer the afflicted character can have no earthly IC reason to refuse, but that would completely derail the rest of the plot in progress. Examples include offering to cure the strange plague that no physician or alchemist has been able to diagnose, creating a sword to kill the un-slayable dragon, or brewing a potion of invincibility for someone. Players have given their characters these problems as a way to draw people into a story. The only thing you are doing by completely circumventing the story is sending them back to the drawing board. Eventually, they will get bored and leave, if you keep destroying their plots, so don't do it. If your character has a reason to have a power or item that could be relevant to the plot, please discuss it with one of the owners or the person who seems to be in charge of the plot before bringing it into play, if it is not something that is listed on your profile and has been previously approved for use in other situations.