The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG



A character should have one point of health, before a health competency is chosen. Once the competency is selected, add the points for it to the base point. This ensures that there will be no one-hit kills, because all characters have at least two points of health.

Each time a character is struck, one health point is lost. If the character is wearing armour, then physical attacks will remove armour points, first. Once the armour is exhausted, the character's health will be affected. In certain very specific cases, a strike may do zero or two points of health damage.

  • Spells that damage the caster for 1 health do 2 health damage to the target.
  • Spells on the high side of an elemental conflict do 2 health damage.
  • Spells on the low side of an elemental conflict do 0 health damage.
  • Trips and knockdowns do 0 health damage, but put the target at -1 competence die to all attack and evade skills, until they get up.

At zero health, your character will be incapacitated, and potentially comatose. At negative two health, your character will be deceased. It is usually a good idea to take cover or attempt to exit the combat, before one becomes incapacitated, and it is largely considered polite to drag incapacitated characters out of the way of the combat, to prevent their deaths.