The Snowed Inn

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To make it easier to build a stats table for your character, please use the following template. The characters below should provide some insight into how to apply the system to your character. Click on the character names to expand the stats tables.

Yorath Albion (Human, mid-20s)

[collapse=Stats Table]
Strength: he's a big guy (d10)
Agility: average (d12)
Health: decent (4) (d12)
- Armour: Leather kilt (+1)
- Armour: Bike leathers (+2)
Knowledge (20th century Earth): college graduate (d10)
- Knowledge (Far Lands): vague (d20)
Perception: average (d12)
- Mechanical sounds: good (d10)
Magic: No

[b]Combat Skills[/b]
Decent with a wrench (d12)
Halfassed at throwing rounded things (d20)
Not-so-hot at hand to hand (d20)
Completely balls at throwing sharp things (d30)

[b]Non-combat Skills[/b]
Professional mechanical engineer (d10)
Professional metalsmith (d10)
Cautious driver (d10)
Average locksmith (d12)
Decent with a motorbike (d12)
Decent auto mechanic (d12)
Weekend brewer (d20)
Halfassed distiller (d20)
Pretty damn good at identifying both that band and that song (d10)

[b]Bonuses and Flaws[/b]
Stammer: Does not get to speak as a free action or interrupt, during combat.
- Only enters combat if necessary or if triggered (as below)
- If Frost or Dark get hit, +1 to damage and -1 competency (d20, with his wrench) to block

[b]Experience and Study[/b]
[url=]Quests & Adventures[/url]
XP: 1
Studying smithy with Emoric (by way of Dark) since 2012-04-28.

Noctis (Fae, ~1300)

[collapse=Stats Table]
Strength: average (d12)
Agility: average (d12)
Health: rubbish (3) (d20)
- Disease resistance: inhuman (d4)
- Poison resistance: unequalled (d4)
Knowledge (9th to 20th century Earth): well-studied (d8)
- Knowledge (the Far Lands): political genius (d6)
Perception: good (d10)
- Touch (except fingertips): not-so-good (d20)
Magic: Arcane

[b]Combat Skills[/b]
Decent at throwing bottles (d12)
Acceptable at formal rapier duelling (d12)
Wholly rubbish at fisticuffs (d30)

[b]Non-combat Skills[/b]
Exceptional at disguise (d6)
Remarkable diplomat (d6)
Astonishing at making poisons in the correct doses (d6)
Highly-skilled doctor (d8)
Quite talented at making curatives and painkillers (d8)
Not bad at healing clay golems (d12)
Skilled horseman (d10)
Lousy cook (d20)
Awful driver (d20)
- Latin: On par with Roman lawmakers (d6)
- Irish Gaelic: Reads and writes intricate contracts and diplomatic missives in it (d6)
- Middle and Old English: Lived almost as long as the language, on the next island over (d8)
- Italian: Like a uni-educated native (d8)
- Biblical Greek: Can read and enjoy the complexity of contracts, but wouldn't write them (d10)
- Old French: Dislikes having to be precise with it (d10)
- Old High German: Can read romances, but wouldn't dare use it professionally (d12)
- Occitan: Amuses himself with ballads and tales, but does not work in it (d12)
- Hebrew: Understands a handful of words and prayers (d20)
- Romance & Germanic languages: Can read menus and street signs (d20)

[b]Bonuses and Flaws[/b]
Poison Blood:
- Nearly impossible to poison (d4)
- Suffers poor physical health (d20) and damaged sensation on most of his skin (d20)
- Blood hits for 1 health damage after a full round of contact
Disease resistance: All creatures at least half sidhe have a godlike resistance to human diseases. (d4)
Iron Penalty: Pure iron weapons do an extra 1 health damage.

[b]Experience and Study[/b]
[url=]Quests & Adventures[/url]
XP: 6
Studying the history of the Kitsune Empire from Ice's books on the subject, since 2012-04-28.