The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Garden and Bar

The garden behind the inn is decorated in trimmed topiary, maintained by our excellent groundskeeper, as well as an assortment of tables and ten notable constructs, on raised platforms. These last are ringed in flowers in a way that draws the eye to them.

Where the garden meets the back of the building, there is a bar that extends nearly the length of the back wall, and to the right of it, a door leads back into the inn. Also around the right side of the building, but visible from some tables in the garden, is the cellar door, leading to the storage rooms and the mechanic's workshop.

Most scenes in the inn will be set at the bar in the garden, with select moments of people dashing in and out of the building. The bar is polished teak, with a brass rail, and for about ten feet from the edge of the bar to the start of the grass, the floor is tiled. Three gas chandeliers hang beneath the balcony that stretches above the bar, from the guest rooms on the second storey.

If you would like to make use of the toys in the toygarden, please see the Toygarden gallery, for available positions and device options.

Farther back, the stable can be seen. Other buildings on the property include a coach house by the front gate and the meat-larder, which is really quite scenic, all things considered. The stable and larder are similar to those at Uppark House, pictured below, which dates to around the same time.