The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Expectations of Hospitality

Each man may expect to be provided for, according to his station and the station of his host. It should be noted that these expectations do not apply to those who are sufficiently criminal to have forfeited any claim to hospitality, such as those who owe wergild, have betrayed the House or the Kingdom, or have otherwise proven themselves antisocial pricks. Exemptions are detailed in the final section.

By the Station of the Host

Hospitality is limited by the station of the host, to prevent those of lesser standing from sinking into poverty because of travellers who expect too much of them. If there are two heads of house, or the host is a married couple, provisions will be expected for half again as many people. A guest may expect what he gives from his own station or above. Housing refers to the number of people who should be able to fit in the house, whether in guest rooms or the common room. Food indicates the basic meal expected for those staying in the house. Retinue is how many other people must be provided with at least bread and ale, as well as either space in an outbuilding or room in the fields to camp. Time is how long the guests may stay.

The Holy (£691,200/yr)

Housing: 40
Food: 'Heavy' meats, soup or vegetables, fine breads, fruit and cheese, confections, and wine or mead, liqueurs before and after the meal
Retinue: 200
Time: 3 months

The Blessed (£345,600/yr)

Housing: 20
Food: 'Heavy' meats, soup or vegetables, small breads, fruit and cheese, and wine or mead, liqueurs before and after the meal
Retinue: 100
Time: 2 months

The Graced (£172,800/yr)

Housing: 8
Food: 'Heavy' meats, soup or vegetables, small breads, fruit and cheese, and wine or mead
Retinue: 40
Time: 1 month

The Good (£86,400/yr)

Housing: 5
Food: Poultry or 'light meats', soup or vegetables, small breads, and wine or mead
Retinue: 25
Time: 2 weeks

The Emergent (£43,200/yr)

Housing: 3
Food: Fish, bread, stew, and ale or wine
Retinue: 15
Time: 1 week

The Common (£21,600/yr)

Housing: 2
Food: Bread, stew, and ale
Retinue: 10
Time: 3 days

The Unfree

A slave cannot be called upon to host, from his own goods, as he has none, but should be able to perform his master's duty, in the absence of the master.


Commercial Hospitality

The hospitality expectations pertain only to private homesteads, not to businesses dealing in the sale of accomodations, such as food, shelter, or other travellers' necessities. Even if the owner of the establishment should live on the premises, it will be considered a commercial location, with no requirement to provide for those who do not intend to pay the asking price.


If the size of the retinue exceeds that which is proper for the guest to travel with or the host to provide for, the remainder will be left to attend to themselves, or directed to the nearest neighbours who may still have space.


If a guest exceeds the duration of his stay, it is both permitted and appropriate for the host to turn him out.


Treason can have occurred in a variety of depths, from betraying local lords up to betraying the whole of the kingdom. However, once one has been charged with treason, until such time as has been disproven, one cannot expect hospitality within the area or among its allies.

Unpaid Wergild

Those who still owe for crimes they have committed may not expect hospitality in the place in which the debt is owed. Whether simply the homestead or the entire kingdom depends on local interpretations of the law and the severity of the crime.