The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Where Is 'Here'?

Any place someone can enter the inn from is just as real as any other place, though the core rules of that reality may differ from what is possible within the inn. This causes some occasional difficulties with certain magics and technologies simply not functioning in the reality field of the Far Lands, but as far as lands go, this one is fairly flexible. Other lands that are known to the owners of the inn are listed here.

The Natural Planes

The modern world, on the planet earth, in which humans are the dominant sentient species is a natural plane. Other worlds exist at this level, which are not the world of men, but contain other dominant sentient species. The worlds of most visitors exist at about this level. Magic is a little difficult to come by, here, if it exists at all. It's generally in the hands of an elite few who have studied it, or creatures from the Far Lands or the High Halls who can still exert some arcane or divine force, in these environs.

The Between

The Between, sometimes called the Borderlands, is between things and borders nearly everything. Few creatures with homes in other places stay here all too long, because it's very malleable, and unless one is skilled in forming protected pockets, within it, quite dangerous. It is inhabited largely by the restless dead and creatures formed from the terror and rage of those who came to the place unexpectedly. Arcane magic, divine power, and technology all fail fairly frequently, here, and neither can truly be said to work better than the other, although those who come from technologically inclined places believe that the nature of the place gives a preference to magic. The Between is regarded as a neutral territory, largely because there is no group who wants to be held responsible for its vagaries, nor is anyone fool enough to believe the place itself would stand for such an insult.

The Far Lands

Many of the magical creatures in the legends of men originated or have come to live in the Far Lands. It contains the palaces and grounds of both courts of the fae, as well as many houses and courts of shapeshifters, djinn, gnomes, elves, and other creatures. Arcane magic is fairly natural, here, and the farther in one goes from a gate, the less likely technological items are to function, at all. Divine power will function in the Far Lands, but somewhat poorly. The inn is located in the Far Lands, and bears its own gate.

The Dead Lands

The Dead Lands are, as one would assume from the name, the place that the spirits of the dead are inclined to travel to, after leaving their bodies. There are a variety of reasons that the dead sometimes do not end up here, right away, but most do get there in the end. Many gods rule over the many gates to the Dead Lands, and each person is delivered to the gate that best coincides with their beliefs or the gods they knew while they lived. Few return from within, and unless they are the victims grave mistakes, the price is quite high.

The High Halls

Most gods do not live among their worshippers, as that really went out of fashion after that whole Olympus fiasco. Instead they construct their own bubbles of reality, outside the more commonly travelled realms. Some of these places hold only single deities, others are enormous worlds containing entire pantheons and, occasionally, prized devotees. Not all deities maintain homes here, some choosing to remain among lesser beings, others having lost their followers and gotten trapped. It is rare for any creature not of deitic origins to even visit these places, as most of the gods tend to play cards and visit their worshippers in the Between, which is considered neutral territory. Divine power works well in the High Halls, but arcane magic is spotty. The function of technology depends on whose realm one is in. Demons and Aggeloi are native to the High Halls, but groups maintain settlements in other planes.