The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


The Magic in All Things

The inn bears a number of enchantments to make living in it a more comfortable proposition. Not all of these were originally performed by the owners, but Ice and Frost have kept them in relatively good repair over the years.

The Ever-burning Braziers

These were a gift from a fire djinn, who happened to owe Frost some favours after a couple incidents involving a nekomimi, three dead fish, and a fistful of iron shot. The braziers will burn as long as the djinn lives, and as Frost has become aware, djinn do not die of natural causes.

Air of Springtime

While, in general, places carved out by those from the Kingdom of Ashes have a more chill feel to them, the inn and grounds are kept a pleasant temperature, year round. This enchantment is the cause of the blizzard outside the gates, as it draws in and stores the heat to use when needed, within.

The Door to All Things

The gate to the grounds was something Ice won in a game of cribbage with the Lord of Doors. The outer gate wanders space and time, touching down where it is called for, whether intentionally or by some subconscious desire. The inner gate returns visitors to wherever they arrived from. It is possible to go out to another place, if one holds on to a person from that place, who wishes to take one there. The owners can use the gate to travel to any place they have visited in the past, but not to places they have never been.