The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Know Your Place

"My mother always said it was better to be a diplomat than a laundromat."

The inn and its staff are considered a neutral house, under the protection (usually) of the Winter Court. While the inn, itself, houses no diplomats, proper, Frost and Ice, as the householders, may engage in negotiations on behalf of the property and any resident staff. The House is considered to be in Frost's name, for the purposes of negotiation and recordkeeping, as he is the higher ranked of the owners.

International Relations

Below are listed other houses and our standing with them. Where a proper house name is missing, the presumed leader and location are listed. Those who follow those leaders will be considered part of the house, and their behaviour will reflect upon it.



  • The Royal House of Winter (Non-aggression pact)
  • High Lady Amaterasu, formerly of the Shogunate of Okinawa (Deceased)
  • The Kitsune Empire of Japan (Non-aggression pact)


  • The Jack of Ass and his retinue
  • Fumio H... (Deceased)

Available Diplomats

While the inn has no diplomats on staff, there are some who pass through, from time to time, and can be negotiated with, on issues concerning their kingdoms.

His Excellency Aulus Postumius Merula, Envoy

Regnum d'Limnades d'Lago d'Avernum, (by writ) Royal House of Winter, The Snowed Inn

A. Postumius Merula, Envoy to the Ash Kingdom, from the Kingdom of the Naiads at Lake Avernus, Italy, serves a multitude of functions and masters. He is a negotiator-for-hire, when the negotiations are either approved by one of the two kingdoms he is concerned with, or it does not affect either of them. He tends to also handle some negotiations for the inn, when Frost is too close to an issue to be entirely reasonable. As an envoy, he is one step below an ambassador, the highest outgoing diplomatic rank, and one step above a consul, the head of a kingdom's public relations in a foriegn land.