The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Saleable Virtues

A variety of goods and services, of interest to the weary traveller, are available at the Snowed Inn. The availability of these services may depend on the presence of a particular individual, and those may not be available at all times.

Post-mortem Negotiations

Ice is very much in the habit of talking to the deceased, because half the time, he can't tell they're dead, until they fail to pick up a drink or walk through a wall. If a ghost fails to arrive with a petitioner, he'll need something the dead individual was significantly invested in, in order to call the ghost to the inn, or his parlour in the Between. Bodily fluids, hair, and bones work best, although any item the dead individual was rarely without would likely work. If the ghost has crossed to the Dead Lands, rather than just hanging about in the Between, Ice will likely be unable to call them back.

Medical Services

(Takumi Zetsumei)
Due to his background, Takumi knows a good deal about the physical body and how it works. With this knowledge, he is able to effect medical assistance of the mundane variety, including the application on poultices and wraps to keep wounds clean and mostly free of infections. Along with the mundane variety, he is also able to effect magical Healing as well, causing wounds to heal very quickly and leave no scarring. There is a drawback to this though, as it drains Takumi of his own strength and energy. If an emergency arises, he can perform a quick Heal, but all this does is transfer the wound from the patient to himself, where his own more rapid haling processes will deal with it later.

While Ice is not a doctor or even a proper healer, the last war he found himself in got him a good bit of service as a field medic of the both the standard and magical variety. He can treat a variety of common travellers' afflictions, and while there are very few things he can cure outright, even with potions, he's quite skilled at shaving time off the healing process. (Depending on the type, illnesses and injuries treated by Ice heal in 50-75% the time they would, if left untreated.)

Talking Frost into anything of the sort is mostly a no-go at the best of times, and the easiest thing going, at the worst. His capabilities are limited to non-magical techniques, but his patience and good sense are legendary. (Wounds treated by Frost have an 80% reduction in chance of infection.)

Steam Engine and Clockwork Adjustment

(Yorath Albion)
Yaz is Frost's ... housepet of the week, and he's not always around, as he's got a straight job out in the non-magical world, but when he is around, there are few better than he is with a wrench and a box of spare parts. Since tuning steamworks is what he does in his spare time, he works for tips.


Dark's something of a regular, and he'll do nearly anything, if he's offered enough coin. Unless it involves ladies, kids, or farm animals. His rates are strictly between himself and his clients.

Herbal Potionry and Poisons

(Aulus Postumius Merula)
Noctis is a posioner, by trade, and can create a variety of toxins, anti-toxins, and basic medical potions and salves off the top of his head, because they are the things he uses most. More rare and complicated things may require more time to produce, but he can generally be convinced by a bold cause or the promise of an amusing outcome.