The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


But How Much Is It?

Currency in fantasy settings is frequently nebulously defined as 'pieces of gold and silver'. Here at the Snowed Inn, we'd like to be able to make clearer the value of the non-fantasy cash brought in by our patrons. Further conversions will be based on Google's approximations of the value of GBP. Please read the table as 'How many [left] in a [top]?'


Values of coins in this table presume a coin weight of one third ounce, the d20 standard, and that 'gold coins' are not solid gold, but contain approximately 0.04oz of the metal: enough for a thick coating. In the extremely rare event of a solid gold coin, the coin will be accepted as the equivalent of 8.25 normal gold coins, bringing the value to 165 GBP. Values of coins in the table are in no way based on the current IRL value of these metals.