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2013-04-19Most of the links to the left and right are now grabbed from the db for easy updating. Maps doesn't do this, because Maps is fucked up, design-wise.
2013-04-19Automagical sitemap? Damn right!Info > Help > Sitemap
2013-04-05Changed the CSS for the rules to be more consistent with the rest of the site.Rules
2013-02-12New staff section: HostStaff > Host
2013-02-12New staff section: BartenderStaff > Bartender
2013-02-12Revised structure of staff section.Staff
2013-02-12Significant revisions to back-end stuff about adding and removing staff.Staff > Admin
2013-02-12Made some structural changes to the site. Nothing visible. If something's broken, let me know.
2012-10-17Updated the Site MapInfo > Help > Sitemap
2012-10-17Corrected the Ban Table structure, in light of the rules changes.Staff > Bans
2012-10-13Completely fucked up CSS, by accident. Will fix.
2012-10-13Revised 'Kinks' into 'Basics' reordered rules.Rules
2012-04-30CSS updated: links in rules should be more legible.
2012-04-30Owners can now assign and clear staff rooms from the admin panel.Hidden
2012-04-30Completely replaced the combat system again.Rules > 2. Combat
2012-04-05More useful descriptions of rooms upstairs.Map > Upstairs
2012-04-05More useful descriptions of rooms downstairs.Map > Ground Floor
2012-04-05Pulled shitty description of inside rooms. Replaced with two new pages.Map > Inside
2012-04-04Staff can now add items to tabs from food menu.Info > Services > Food
2012-04-04taff can now add items to tabs from drinks menu.Info > Services > Drinks
2012-04-04Pulled broken logs section for staff. This may be replaced, later.Staff > Logs
2012-04-03Fixed the food menu to work the same as the drinks menu, allowing permanent foods and descriptions.Info > Services > Food
2012-04-03New permanent drinks can be added to the database.Staff > New Drinks
2012-04-03New drinks menu, from the database to the view.Info > Services > Drinks
2012-03-28Owners can now -change- staff passwords without hand-editing the database.Hidden
2012-03-28Staff members can now change their own passwords, provided they can log in.Staff
2012-03-28Owners can now add staff passwords without hand-editing the database.Hidden
2012-03-28Tabs can now be opened in the red.Staff > Tabs
2012-03-28Staff login now works with Room Desc.Staff > Info > Room Desc
2012-03-28Access permissions integrated into login.Staff
2012-03-19Ban list can now be sorted by different fields.Staff > Bans
2012-03-19ABV and standard drinks calculator, in staff infoStaff > Info > Alcohol %s
2012-03-19Staff login now works with ban list.Staff > Bans
2012-03-11Staff login now works with site updates.Staff > Update
2012-03-11Ban list, because staff should know who and why.Staff > Bans
2012-03-11Staff login now works with Tabs.Staff > Tabs
2012-03-11Staff login now works with Booking.Staff > Booking
2012-03-11Staff login. Slowly integrating it into all staff pages that currently ask for a password.Staff
2012-03-10Revised description on home pageHome
2012-03-10Cleaned up a bunch of redundant code, added global function.Info > Services > Rooms
2012-03-10Cleaned up a bunch of redundant code, added global function.Staff > Booking
2012-03-06Map of the Kingdom of Ashes added.Info > World > Kingdom
2012-02-29Added the OOC room desc and quick-adds for mods.Staff > Info > Room Desc
2012-02-25Revised Rule 2: Combat. Combat system now has skills.Rules > 2. Combat
2012-02-23Added bottle calculator for staff.Staff > Info
2012-02-23Added list of updates to Record Update page.Staff > Update
2012-02-23Ability to keep customer tabs.Staff > Tabs
2012-02-17Added update entry page.Staff > Update
2012-02-17Switched to database update system.Info > Help > Updates
2012-02-16CSS revised: Link colour changed in Rules from light green to dark purple.
2012-02-16Revised Rule 5: IC Rules. Added more info about wards and interactions with no staff. Corrected links.Rules > 5. IC Rules
2012-02-16Revised Rule 3: Consent. Added info about plots, derailing, and godmoding happiness.Rules > 3. Consent
2012-02-15Revised Rule 2: Combat. Added combat system.Rules > 2. Combat
2012-02-15Reformatted Rule 1: Staff. Easier to update.Rules > 1. Staff
2012-02-07Genus Loci info added.Info > Creatures > Genus Loci
2011-12-06Diplomacy info revised.Info > Info > Diplomacy
2011-12-06Technology info revised.Info > Info > Technology
2011-12-06Travel and Communication info revised.Info > Info > Hither and Yon
2011-12-06Info home section revised.Info
2011-12-06Hospitality info added.Info > World > Hospitality
2011-12-06World section added.Info > World
2011-12-06Diplomacy section removed.Info > Diplomacy
2011-12-06Technology section removed.Info > Technology
2011-12-06Magic section removed.Info > Magic
2011-12-06Sitemap added.Info > Help > Sitemap
2011-12-06Vampire info added.Info > Creatures > Vampires
2011-12-06Fae info revised and reformatted.Info > Creatures > Fae
2011-12-06Creatures section added.Info > Creatures