The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do the headers look screwed up?

Short form? Because your browser refuses to render the remote font. Try Optimus Princeps (Regular and Semi Bold), both of which are available for free, if you'd like to see the headers as they're meant to be.

Long form? There's this fancy new technology in CSS3 that lets designers embed fonts in the page, instead of relying on client-side 'web-safe' fonts. In older browsers, these don't render at all. In early implementations of CSS3/HTML5, different browsers and operating systems would cause the same font to render differently. As the standards get tightened up, and this becomes more common, more browsers get better at rendering remote fonts the same way they would local fonts. Still, if you've got some valid reason for viewing this page with an old browser, the best thing to do is just grab the fonts above and install them.

Why isn't this FAQ collapsible?

Because I hate javascript. No, seriously.

Rule 4 sucks! Writing all posh is for school!

Point the first? Our game, our literacy standards. As you may have inferred from Rule 4, we play in English, at the Inn. Some in British English, some in American English, but all in English, which we realise is not the language everyone is best at. As long as you're making an effort, you'll probably be fine. If you need some help figuring out why the language works like that, how to use that word, or where that comma goes, we've collected some resources, below.

UK English Resources

US English Resources

General English Language Resources

What do you want to know about my character?

Sometimes it's difficult to figure out what's important to cover, when you're making a character for a game that doesn't use stats and dice. Below is the character sheet we like to use, because we find it hits all the important points. We do not require this sheet to be used, it is merely offered as a resource, to make character creation a little easier.

If you wish to use it, simply copy-paste the template into the F-list character description box and fill it out. Be sure to double-check the settings in the Player Notes section, as those are currently filled out to Ice's defaults, and delete any lines that begin with '!!!'.

You guys are promoting illegal activities!

No, we're not. This site describes a role-playing game, which means that all people, activities, and substances described are in a fictional context. While some of those things may exist in the real world (and I'm pretty sure that anthropomorphic animals and magical gates to parallel dimensions don't), they are being discussed in reference to a place that does not exist. The actions of the characters do not represent the real-world actions of their players, and if you're that unclear on the difference between character and player, I strongly suggest a trip to Google for some research on role-playing games and other interactive-theatre pursuits.