The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG


How Can We Help You?

This section contains resources to help make your RP experience better, whether you play with us or with someone else: the blank character sheet that the owners and their friends use, some links to helpful websites for improving your writing, and instructions for running a large plot in the inn.

If you have questions about the setting that have not been answered by this site, please feel free to send an F-list note to Icefeather or Frostburn, and we'll get you an answer.

If you would like to run a plot in the inn, send a note to one of the owners describing the basic storyline† and what times you are usually online. Please include your timezone, so we can tell when those times are in relation to ourselves and our regulars, and expect us to ask a lot of questions about the story and how we can get other characters involved.

† (Something like: "The bad guy who killed my character's family has come back to kidnap her and use her precognitive powers to win his fight against the royal house of Lago D'Avernum, so he can seize control of the mefit court, there. He should be able to kidnap her, but there should be a rescue, so he can't win.")