The Snowed Inn

A Steam-fantasy RPG

While The Snowed Inn, proper, is a large somewhat Jacobean-styled building, with room to house up to 30 guests, most of the life seems to be at the bar in the back garden. As you come through the side gate, into a wide lawn with topiary, rimmed in trees and white rosebushes, you are met with some somewhat unexpected décor. The garden contains not only tea tables and a bar along the back wall of the inn, but a variety of racks, frames, and other devices, some containing fortunate victims, others still empty; these are displayed like statues might be in other gardens and are surrounded by shrubs and flowers. Small copper cherub statues can be spotted throughout the garden, on a second glance, and these dispense a variety of lubricants for use in the entertainments of those present. The air of the place is jovial, on the whole, if tinged with a deep sense of the bizarre.

Where Am I?

The Snowed Inn is a modern sylvan fantasy inn, meaning it's magical and in the woods, but the history of the outside world is more or less the same as it is, IRL. Now, since it's a magical setting, we ask that you leave your tech outside. For more about the technological level of the setting, please see the Info section, which also contains information on currency and available services. Most scenes will be set at the outdoor bar in the toygarden, behind the inn, with the understanding that some characters present are likely staying at the inn, itself.

How Did I Get Here?

By way of the side gate, which probably found you. The gate wanders the worlds, picking up travellers in need of sanctuary or just a stiff drink. Just open that door that was never there, before, and ... here you are. For more on the gate check out Hither and Yon, in the Info section. (To find the room on F-Chat, look for 'The Snowed Inn', under Open Private Rooms.)

What Can I Expect?

We strongly suggest reading the rules. However, since this is an establishment that encourages adult amusements among its patrons, we'll give you a quick list of things you're likely to see, and things we don't allow.

We enjoy: yiff, moderate to heavy B&D, fisting, expletives, supernatural creatures, alternatives to heterosexual monogamy between equals, drinking, casual fisticuffs, and thick accents.

We do not permit: still-functional technological artefacts postdating 1900, ageplay of any sort, characters under 16, players under 18, birth scenes, scat, or vomit kinks.

Please make use of the map and take note of the red line above