Tales from the Inn are all contributed by our players, and many of them have been cleaned up from actual log files of plot events.

If you'd like to contribute a story that happened in the Inn, please clean your logs first. This means we don't want to see typos, time-stamps, unnecessary line-starters of character name and a colon, awkward paragraph breaks where the same person's lines could've been joined, or OOC chatter. We're looking for stories, not raw logs.

Please be sure you have the permission of the other players involved in your log before submitting it, as if we receive a complaint from any participant, the tale will be taken down. You may add other players as co-authors, and select their characters or list them in the end notes box, if they don't appear in the dropdown. I'll be trying to add characters once a week.

If your character appears in any of these tales, and you would like the story removed, please send a note to Icefeather on F-List, so we can confirm you are the player of the disputed character.
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Warming up to go live

If you see anything that doesn't work, besides things that involve email (because I'm working on disabling those), please send me a note via F-List, and describe the problem. This includes the colours making stuff in the theme illegible. I'm one man, working way too hard, and I probably didn't catch all of it.

If you add a story that's linked to a plot, please be sure to go to the series *points to the left menu* and request to have it added. Also, add a quick summary of the events in your story as a chapter in the [ARC] at the top of that series. Round-robin is enabled for all [ARC]s, so that should work. Somewhere in the notes, let us know where your story belongs in the sequence already in place, so we can be sure things end up in the right order.

-- on 2011.08.18 08:06